Tooltip and Mini-dictionary

using VocaDB Tooltip

using VocaDB Dictionary

How to Install

Search a word : double click on the text.

Using the VocaDB Tooltip Extension, you just have to double click on the selected text and a tooltip will automatically show up with the selected word and meaning.

Figure 1. Double Clicked on a word

Seach a word : Double Click or Hightlight the text then right-click choose "vocaDB Dictionary Translation" to get the word and meaning of the chosen word with the selected target language.

"Extract words" from Text

Drag a series of text, sentence, or even paragraph, on your screen. Then press right-click on the chosen words, choose "vocaDB Dictionary Translation", then a tooltip will show up on your screen.

Figure 2. Double Clicked on a word

Figure 3. Double Clicked on a word

Changing Target Language and Level

Click the VocaDB Chrome Extension Icon located at the Upper right corner of your Google Chrome Browser. Once clicked, a Pop up will show as seen on figure.

Figure 4.0 Pop up on icon click

List of Extraction Levels by VocaDB

List of 38 Languages supported by VocaDB