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Why can we enter only one word when searching dictionary?
Isn't it more convenient if we can enter multiple words and get their meanings and translation simultaneously?
That's the reason we developed VocaDB Dictionary, a solution that can automatically extract words and idioms from a text. It supports 38 different languages.
Our Dictionary app is powered by VocaDB APIs including Dictionary API, SDE API (Synonyms, Definitions, Examples), User Participation API, and the APIs of Google Translate and MS Bing.
The app can search a word, extract words and idioms from an input text, provide related words and idioms, and a lot more.
This document is intended for developers who want to build mobile apps that can interact with our APIs.
To begin, you need to set up:
For Windows:
  • Aphachi Linux server, Php 5.2 up
  • Open web hosting account and send server IP
  • Apply and get API key
  • Pay and we will send source code (zip file)
  • Copy sent source code to your server
This section provides steps on how to install the VocaDB Clone Dictionary in your server.

Step 1

Register and Get API code

Step 2

Copy the source code to any folder on your server (over php 5.2)

Step 3

Change logo in "head.php" and "voca.css"

Step 4

Submit your server IP to vocaDB adminslator

Step 5

Test search word and sentence and Run it.

The following graphics illustrate how data flow when you search on the site:


  • Home Page

  • Search Results Page

  • Relative Words List

  • Synonyms List

  • Definitions List

  • Examples List

As of January 2016, VocaDB Tooltip supports 38 languages.

While the default language is English, users can set their preferred language for search results.
If you want to apply for VocaDB Dictionary API, click the button below:

Apply for API Key

For more information, click the button below:

Dictionary API Documentation


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