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Who we are

Easier and Simplier Communication
Our mission is to provide a new language learning experience by helping users understand English in the fastest, easiest, and simplest way possible thereby overcoming language barrier.
Why not search for text
We see a lot of texts every day.
Our motivation for the business started from fundamental questions like following.

Why can we enter only one word when searching dictionary?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if it shows translation and the meaning of the words simultaneously?

We needed a solution that can automatically extract words and idioms in the book and developed the solution that supports 38 different languages.
Business Models
API services
It is to show the translated sentences and vocabulary list simultaneously when certain part of context is selected. We can also apply the service to many other fields including dictionary searching, book index formation, human-translation, scripts for movies and TV dramas, websites and comments, and eBooks. Furthermore, we expect the solution to be more improved by running the ‘word extraction system’ as open / API to add unique ideas from many developers.
Provide New Experiences
To setup a new text searching paradigm and to create a language education platform. It is ultimately to provide a new experience to the users over the language barrier.

vocaDB.com is yours.
e-Learning Platform
38 Dictionaries, APIs, Solutions, e-Books and Contents