We offer solutions using 38 languages dictionary, extraction words technology for new experiences!

vocaDB Introduction
e-Learning language platform
To setup a new searching paradigm and create a language education platform.
Why we need vocaDB solutions
Search and search it again
Feel difficult to study English. It solved by Tap and Save.
38 Language Dictionary
Word, meaning, level and relative words or idioms
Support various searching methods, Masterpieces Examples / Clone and mini dictionary
Extraction System
Words & Idioms
Extract words and idioms from a selected text by user's English level.
Tooltip, Tap and Save
Mass Media
Immediately search word on the current screen and save to My dictionary
Machine Translation
Google, MS Bing
Add extracted words and idioms from a source text.
Cloud Translation
Text and words
The result of translation service on the cloud server that is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.
Books Indexing
vocabulary book
Generate Book indexes with words and idioms with meaning by book, chapter, alphabet and so on.
Multi-lingual e-Books
Publish eBooks of literary masterpieces with index and search dictionary (tooltip function).
Chrome Browser Extension
Tap and Save, Mini-dictionary
You can search a word and any text on the browser and search it on the mini-dictionary
Images, audio, vocabulary
Word image, vocabulary words by level, human recorded word and School textbook, Masterpiece novel